Con Com Con 20

"Networking for the future of fandom"


Schedule of Events
TimeRoom 1Room 2Room 3
5:00 PM Running Hospitality:
Whether it is small, medium or large most conventions have hospitality. What so guests expect you to have, what should have, and what do you need?
Panelist: Marah
Choosing a good Storage Unit:
Where should your storage unit be located in relationship to your convention location, and how should it be organized.
Panelist: Todd
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM Social and Introductions:
Come join us for a rousing game of Convention Pictionary and meet everyone. Small talk about your convention, come meet some new contacts, and just have a plain old good time. Snacks and coffee, tea and ice tea will be available
9:00 PM

TimeRoom 1Room 2Room 3
9:00 AM Memberships and Running a Streamline Registration:
What does it take to keep that registration line moving? What preparations should the membership exec make before the convention to have everything in order for the convention guests?
Panelist: Sally and Liz
Theme/Party planning. Sponsored by Worldcon Bid
10:00 AM Liquor Control Board:
What are the new rules for Banquet License how should the conventions and the clubs be using them?
Panelist: Special Guest Speaker
What is? What is SWOC, How should it be moving forward, How can you apply this to your convention?
Panelist: Beth
11:00 AM Building a Good Operations Team:
What positions need to be field, what type of people do you need for each, and how do you find them?
Panelist: Bobbi
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Hotels:
Working with the Events Director , special guest from a couple of the local hotels to discuss what they expect from the conventions
Panelist: Special Guest Speaker
Do you know what your dept does?
Panelist: Sally and Bobbi
Prop Building. Sponsored by Worldcon Bid
2:00 PM What you have, what you should have, and what you need to start a convention.
Panelist: Gene
3:00 PM Working with Fan Groups. How to Fan Groups fit into the convention and how can they help.
Panelist Gene and Gibbitt
Media Guests:
Working with Media Guests doís and donít
Panelists: Alex and Jay
4:00 PM Getting them in the door:
Advertising Panelist Leslee
Leadership and Management in a Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention company
Panelist: Rob and Ari
5:00 PM Picking the right theme:
What shall your theme be for that year, and who should pick it?
Panelist Michael
Accounting Systems in Fandom:
How to Identify What System of Accounting Works the Best for Your Convention
Panelist: Rob and Ari
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM Convention Staffing and the role of human resources
Panelist: Gene and Rob
Hotel Liaisons:
How much work goes into working with the Hotels?
Panelist: Sean and Marah
10:00 PM Horror Stories in the Hot Tub

TimeRoom 1Room 2Room 3
9:00 AM Working with GOHís
Panelist: Marah and Michael
Social Media:
Is it right for your convention?
Panelist: Leslee and Bobbi
10:00 AM Picking the right proís/Panelist for your convention and panels
Panelist: Bobbi
The Role of the Executive
Panelist: Rob and Ari
11:00 AM Publications and editing what works
Panelist: Electric Keet and Alex
12:00 PM
1:00 PM SWOC Elections and CCC Site Selection