17:00 Room 1

SocialCome talk with your fellow ConRunners, come beat Rob at Illuminatii.



DINNER - Time to break for dinner, on your own

20:00 Room 1

Terminology (panel): vendor, dealer, partner, merchant… it’s the little things that keep us apart.

No, really.  It is the little things. Some of us refer to the heads of the conventions as chairmen, others CEOs, and some of us even “three ring leader”… if we don’t clear some of this barrier up, we won’t be able to work together.

Gene, Ari, James A

20:00 Room 2

Fen vs Mundane (panel):  How to share the hotel and maybe even get more people interested.

Fen and Mundanes have, to put it politely, not gotten along in the past.  Are they getting along now?  Come discuss ways in which you can make your event friendly and more open.  How to get people on your staff to be engaging toward mundanes.


21:00 Room 1

It’s time to work together (panel): How to overcome some obstacles and prejudices that keep us from working together.

With the re-saturation of all the different types of conventions, as well as the trouble IN the conventions, we really need to start working together in order for us to survive.

Gene, James A, Shawn

21:00 Room 2

How to throw a party in today’s climate (presentation): 

Since the LCB came last year, there has been a turnaround in the way parties are put on.  Come find out what they are, and how to protect your convention.

Gibbitt, Chika






09:00 Hospitality

BREAKFAST - Breakfast on us!

11:00 Room 1

Team Building (panel):

Taking a great group of volunteers and having them work together to put on a phenomenal convention.  What are some ideas that you can do throughout the year?  We aren’t just talking about the volunteers at the convention; we’re talking everyone who volunteers for a con… from the chair down.


11:00 Room 2

Running a convention like a corporation, how to make it work (presentation): 

Can you run a convention like a corporation if you are soley run on volunteer power?  Come listen to Rob explain how he did it, and got Spocon out of the red in doing it.  We aren’t saying this is for everyone, but come listen, maybe there will be something you’d like to try at yours. 

Rob, Ari

12:00 Room 1

Payments, How to take them (presentation):

Check, Cash, Charge, PayPal, or Bitcoin…  In this panel we will discuss ways to take payments and we will be discussing PII laws that surround taking someone’s personal information and protecting your convention.

Rob, Ari

12:00 Room 2

Printed Program Books: Are they worth it? (panel)

Nobody reads the program book until after the convention, right?  Come listen to some of the ways that cons have tried to make a program book relevant all year.  The main question is, though, should we get rid of them?  Are they worth the cost?  Will they just get tossed or recycled?  This is not about pocket programs.

Beth, Gibbitt

13:00 Room 1

Hotel Contracts: How to Present Yourself (panel)

How do you negotiate your hotel contract?  Do you have a meeting, or do it over email?  Are you getting a new hotel, or just reupping the same hotel contract? What’s a fair price?  How do you determine that?  Come share what’s worked for you, or pick up on some things that have worked for others.

Greg, Gene, Katharine Bond

13:00 Room 2 Registration:  How to make yours run smoother than it is (panel)

In the past few years, there have been some significant advances in registration, not just how to pay, but the layouts of the registration areas and the processes for getting people through the line quickly.  Come share your con’s ideas, and get some ideas.

LUNCH - Time to break for lunch, on your own

15:00 Room 1

Life from the other side of the negotiations table (presentation): 

What do negotiations look like from the hotel’s side?  What are necessary items for the hotel to have?  Come and listen to Cynthia Jennings from Hilton Garden Inn Beaverton talk about what it’s like from her side of the table.

Cynthia Jennings, Greg

15:00 Room 2

If it’s not fun, don’t do it (presentation): 

Come listen to Gibbitt finally give the panel she’s wanted to give at Ccubed since Ccubed 3.  Put all of your frustrations to her, and hear her answer. Hear her talk about the decade she spent (mostly) away from running conventions.


16:00 Room 1

Don’t get sued!  The ins and outs of liability (presentation): 

It’s not just the parties that have had their rules tightened up.  In this world you will get sued unless you have some CYA.  Come listen to Nataile Cain talk about ways to do that.

Natalie Cain

16:00 Room 2

How big do you wanna be? (panel): 

When determining all the factors in of a convention; GOHs, Hotel, Special Events, etc… you need to determine how big you want to be.  If you plan for 500 and get 1500 that could be a disaster.  If you plan for 1500 and only get 500, that could also be a disaster.  What factors do let YOU to decide how big your convention is going to be?  Do you have a hard or soft cap? Come share your views.

Shawn, Beth

17:00 Room 1

Harrassment, steps to make it stop (panel): 

What are some ways to cut down on harassment?  Do you have a Harrassment policy?  Is it compliant with the state harassment policy?  (your home state), what are some other things you have seen, and what are some of the ways people have tried to get around that.


17:00 Room 2

Managing Vendor Expectations (panel): 

You’ve got a room, you have 20 vendors (merchants, dealers) who want power, and only 5 plugs.  You’ve got space for 10 tables against the wall, but 12 want the wall, and some of them are double tabled.  How does your con deal with the expectations of some dealers? What might be a better way?


18:00 Room 1

NPOs and Federal NPO: 501c3 or 501c4 (presentation): 

What are the differences, and what is right for your con?

Katharine Bond

18:00 Room 2

Anti-Harrassment – when has it gone too far? (Panel): 

We’ve all heard the jokes from con goers stating that according to the policy, they can tell con security that they are harassing them and they will have to leave them alone, or they can press charges.  What do we do about people who just like crying wolf?  How about the maligned people who have someone complain about them “harassing” them, when in reality, they aren’t?  it seems that if you want the victim to prove it, this is victim blaming, and if you just kick out the other without proof, it’s opening you up to a lawsuit. How do you make sure everyone has a safe and good time with the current climate?

James A, Greg


DINNER - Time to break for dinner, on your own

20:00 Room 1

Negotiating Hospitality (presentation for 15 min, panel for 35):

Why do hospitality? How to do hospitality?  Is it a Cost Center or a Profit Center?  Come listen to both sides, and listen to why.

Tracy, James S

20:00 Room 2

Wearing hats: Separating roles between and from yourself (panel): 

We all tend to wear many hats.  Either because we have done it all, or because we are working for many conventions and are doing different jobs for each.  How do you do it?  How do you go between hats without jamming two on at once?  Is it possible?  How do you separate that from “real life”, taking off all hats?

Gene, Gibbitt, Dawn

21:00 Room 1

Where do you want to be? (panel):  

You’ve either been in the conventions for years, or else you’re just starting.  Maybe you’re doing the 10th different thing, maybe you want to be doing something else.  Question is, where do you want to be in a year, 5 years, 10 years?  Do you want to be on staff for a SMOFcon, a Ccubed, a Westercon, NASFIC, or a Worldcon?  Are you content to be just helping out at the local level?  Come talk about it, maybe something will pop out at you.

Beth, Dawn, Shawn

21:00 Room 2

Real world applications (presentation): 

Did you know you can put the conventions you help with on your resume? Did you know that your “real world” profession can help with running a con?  Come talk about people who have gotten where they are now thanks to conventions.


22:00 Hot Tub

Hot Tub Horror Stories

Got any new ones?  How about old favorites?  Are you new to C3 and want to hear about the middle ages of convention running?  Come join us, bring your bathing suit!

22:00 Hospitality

Hot Tub Horror stories II:  The Dry Version! 

Don’t want to go to the Hot Tub, that is fine!  Hospitality is open just for you!  Come in where it’s dry, and tell stories of Cons Past!






11:00 Room 1

How to attract quality volunteers (panel):

This one is about JUST the on-site volunteers. A number of years ago (like, 15) volunteers started declining as we went from a society of “Let me help you entertain me” to just “entertain me”.  How do you convince people to volunteer for you?  Do you show prizes throughout the convention?  Do you have an easily accessable, clearly marked Volunteers room?  Do you offer “specials” for the volunteers, like food, or a volunteers lounge that you need a certain amount of hours to get in?  Come share your ideas, because one thing ALL of us need are more volunteers!!! (2 hours)

Gene, Ari

12:00 Room 2

Open Space (Presentation): 

What is it? How would it be useful?


12:00 Room 2

Hard Decisions (Presentation): 

What to do if a member of your con can't do their job.


13:00 Room 1

What makes a Worldcon different? (Panel): 

Come talk to some of the staff of the 2015 Worldcon, and find out what the big deal is, and how they do it, because they have at LEAST a 400 person staff. How do they keep things together? How do they manage meetings?

Sally, Gene, Dawn

13:00 Room 2

Surveys, how to get feedback from the attendees (Presentation): 

Rob McDonnell has been using Surveys for years to get a sampling of people to give feedback on his convention.  Hear how he does it and why.


14:00   LUNCH - Time to break for lunch, on your own
15:00 Room 1 Credit where credit is due (panel): 

Ever done all the hard work and had to listen to someone else take the credit?  Learn how and when to use “we” instead of “I” or giving credit where credit is due.  

Ari, Greg
16:00 Room 1

SWOC meeting:  Come one come all to the SWOC meeting!

Shawn, Sally, Gene, Dawn, Beth, Ari