Ari Goldstein | Head Chairman

Ari Goldstein is a Washington attorney specializing in general litigation with a strong interest in non-profits. He has been involved in Fandom and the running of conventions for almost 20 years. He has held leadership roles in just about every aspect of Con-Running with the sole exception of programing. He has served in the SWOC board of directors as the board treasurer since 2009. He is one of the founding members of Rainfurrest and its parent organization RAIn and has served as the board Treasurer of RAIn since its creation.
Ari was the Chair of TolCon 2.
Ari has been on the ConCom of over 100 conventions, his specializations in Conrunning are in the areas of both operations and business.
Ari also has an interest and advocated social justice and equality specficly focusing on alternate lifestyles, as well as gender equality.
He currently lives in Seattle, WA with his Fiancé and adorably cute puppy.

Robert McDonell | Vice Chairman

Robert McDonell is the 2014 vice-chairman of ConComCon. He joins the staff of C-Cubed as the current CEO of SpoCon, based out of Spokane, WA. He is a co-founder and was president of the FAN Foundation (the parent corporation of SpoCon) for the first four and a half years, until he took over management of SpoCon as the CEO. He is currently in his third year as CEO of SpoCon. He has enjoyed particular success in converting SpoCon away from a traditional convention committee format to that of a modern business model and considers it a major success in his tenure as CEO to date.
Robert is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with several degrees. He has attained a double master’s in business administration and public administration. His undergraduate degree (also from EWU) was a business administration degree with his major in marketing. Robert, before to switching over to a business path, first attained degrees in Computer Forensics and Network Security. Robert is also pursuing a Ph.D. in economic clustering.
Robert’s previous job experience is as a criminal investigator in both Washington and Idaho State. He worked for a well-known national bail agency for four and a half years, starting as a field agent, then as the Idaho State field agent manager, eventually being fast tracked with a promotion as the west coast Corporate Recovery Manager, managing (9) states of fugitive investigations.
Robert is also retired from the Army having served as a mechanized infantryman in the United States Army, and having completed a combat tour of duty in Kosovo in 1994.

Rhiannon “Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones | Programming

Hello. My name is Rhiannon “Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones. I have been involved with conventions since… Rustycon 12. I have been involved in conventions in some way since then, even during my self-imposed break from cons (which I will tell you about at C3!). I am currently the head of Programing for C3, head of Programming for Rustycon 32, Chairman of Registration of Cascade Writers Workshop, and on staff for Sasquan. I have held Offices in Volunteers, Fantables, Secretary, PR, Programming, registration and I can’t remember what else. I believe there is a division of old guard and new blood, and I want to eliminate that.

This year, I was asked to run Programming for C3. You guys will like what I’ve come up with, I do believe. Because it’s energetic, yet need to know. What may seem like obvious stuff to some of you… isn’t obvious to the newer generation of con runners. I’m hoping to reach out to a larger audience than normal as well.

James Alley | Treasurer  
Damiana Cutter | Registration  

Tracy Penner | Hospitality

Greetings, My name is Tracy Penner aka Scarlet Yum aka Shanarah Moonshine depending on which fannish base you know me from. I've been doing con's since 2002. I started with Orycon as a secretary for many years but I have diversified into Dealers, Hospitality, Volunteers, Logistics, Vice Chair and Convention Chair. I've been a member of the ruling BOD for 5 years now. I've also worked as security for GameStorm another OSFCI run convention as well as being a judge reader for their Endeavor Awards. In other fannish venues I was a Assistant Vice President for the House of Yum a group of socialites for social causes. I have assisted in hosting over 20 events under that umbrella and continue to assist with running charity events such as scavenger hunts, clothing drives, and volunteer days. In the SCA/Pirate community I have been a Chirurgeon (first aid), an assistant with security and general go-fer.

I have chosen this year to run C3's Hospitality suite. I bring to the table a long list of culinary knowledge (What can I say I like to eat/cook) and the willingness to create safe sanitary and consumable goods. I am compitent in dietary restrictions and allergies. While I will not be able to accommodate every allergy/restriction I should be able to serve those with the most common needs. If you have such a need please contact me directly at and in the subject line put c3 diet. That way I can ensure seeing your email and be able to address it promptly.
I look forward to feeding you at con!